Cloud forests have been rapidly disappearing due to climate change and deforestation. Rising global temperatures cause a cloud-lifting effect raising the cloud cover above the tree canopy and forest ecosystem that depend on constant moisture and humidity. The impetus for this project is to explore the ways by which design can contribute to the stabilization of the atmosphere and the restoration of the forest.

Cloud Magnet will utilize innovative materials and bespoke forms to produce localized microclimates around a series of kites in order to stimulate the ideal conditions for the formation of clouds.

Situated at the intersections between science and art, this work provokes new ways of seeing and experiencing the world. Scientific and design discovery are shaped by similar impetuses of wonder, observation, and interpretation. Cloud Magnet’s performative kites will reposition quantitative data within a qualitative experience at an impactful scale. The installation will serve as a visual and engaging exhibition that will raise awareness of the fragility of the atmosphere that sustains all life.